How to learn Ashtanga yoga


A short sweet yoga session suitable for beginners and surfers or athletes looking to improve mobility. Ease out tight shoulders and neck, and improve hip and back flexibility. Move with ease and protect yourself against injuries. The class will include gentle warm up poses and beginner ashtanga sequence. The pace is slow and modifications are offered for all abilities. It's a great way to learn the fundamentals and improve your overall strength and flexibility. 

BEGINNERS 6 WEEK COURSE Wednesdays 6.30-7.30pm $80

next course starts September 25 - bookings essential


All Mysore style sessions are open to any level including Beginners. You will receive plenty of one to one guidance to remember the sequence, understand the poses, and move at your own pace. As the sequence becomes more familiar and comfortable you will start to add new postures one at a time. The class space is open for 90 minutes but usually your first your session will be approximately one hour.
Beginners please arrive at the beginning of the class.

Private classes

Kiri is also available by appointment for private classes for individuals or small groups. These are a great idea if you have special concerns, would like to workshop a particular aspect of your current practice, if you are brand new to yoga or if you have time limitations. $75/60mins or $95/90mins

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